About Us

Our company was established 30 years ago in Ramos Arizpe, a small country town southeast of Saltillo, Coahuila in Mexico. Back then, company vision was to manufacture solid wooden doors exclusively for the US market, 90% of production capacity was dedicated successfully to this market. Expertise was built by manufacturing this product resulting from it a strong dynamic working force capital as a company’s asset. As time passed, market’s needs started to experience changes, new synthetic wood materials, green building trends, innovative and creative door designs, accessories, hardware, glasses, niche touches, etc. All of this has revolutionized door manufacturing industry and changes were a must!

In our constant search for innovation, we have created our professional brand; Duara®, and Duara Doors®.

Duara® is a unique door concept; semi-solid, revolutionary, engineered structural tubular core design, lightweight, acoustic and fire resistant properties, environmentally friendly, prevents warping, beautiful designs that gives the market a new and reliable product.

At Duara® we have innovated “The best wooden structural door in the world” and best of all, at great affordable prices. Choose either from our line of readymade designs or ask for our custom made design service to meet your specifications!