Duara ® Doors

Extraordinary structural engineered door

In Duara ® we offer the best option on doors for residential or commercial purposes.Duara® doors adapts to every style and project`s budget. We offer classic and contemporany arquitectonic styles.

Duara ® doors are principally manufactured of three woods or MDF, as Oak, Banak and Alder in six different colors , among these are: White Powder, Chocolate, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, and Mahogany.

We offer Duara Tubular®, an extraordinary structural engineered door, with its two structure variations that offer great benfits for high volume projects.

It is 60% lighter, due to its
engineered tubular structure..

Due to its structural technology
based on the arc construction it provides
superior performance compared to solid doors.

As well, it achieves:

  • 28 Db(acoustic)
  • Fire retardancy
    of 20 min
  • Has thickness uniformity
  • Extraordinary
    physical strength and
    impact resistance

Our products are eco-friendly..

  • Our door components
    are internationally certified
  • Engineered Duara Tubular®
    optimize de use of